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The Walk

Movie Review

Rating: 4.0/5.0

With this movie, I marked my hat-trick of watching movies based on a true story, and surprisingly, not even a single one has disappointed me yet. The other two movies were Everest and Into The Wild. Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk is a very exciting and exhilarating account of a remarkable incident from the past – when a man named Philippe Petit – wire-walked atop the twin towers of the World Trade Center in NYC.

Robert Zemeckis, the director of epics like Castaway and Forrest Gump, has shown his class again with an impeccable direction. But I guess the best part of the movie is its story, written by the man himself – Philippe Petit – about his journey to the top of the world, literally. The storyline begins with a little touch on the past life of Philippe, heading towards the ultimate goal of wire walking between the two towers of World Trade Center, which he successfully achieves.


The execution of the story was equally incredible. Though I wasn’t impressed by the acting skills of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but I still held my breath when the guy was walking between the South Tower and the North Tower on a steel wire without any safety harness in a way as if he’s walking in the Central Park. The movie has been executed with great care, not blowing it out of proportion, maintaining the integrity n still conveying the message that Impossible is Nothing.

Overall, I think the movie is based on a very strong storyline, and has been executed really well. Just imagining that it is all based on a true story makes your goosebumps rise like thorns. I loved watching it n I hope u too.