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Margarita with a straw

Movie Review

My Rating: 6/10

Kalki Koechlin might be off the big screen but she has never stopped making an impression in today’s version of parallel cinema. And this, I would say, is the performance that many so-called stars of Hindi film industry will not be able to deliver in their lifetimes. Playing the role of a teen with cerebral palsy isn’t a mean task, but Kalki did not falter for a moment. Shonali Bose did a great job at directing the movie and trying to bring out emotions in the audience.

That being said, I think the movie itself was more like a collage of events and incidents in someone’s life, rather than a movie that wants to tell a story. Relationships seemed unexplored, characters were unexplained and contexts just didn’t exist. Speed of the movie, sometimes, felt painfully slow and pulled me out of the flow.

Good watch nevertheless.

Watch the trailer here:

Unlimited holidays: Change the rules

Earlier this week, the iconic Richard Branson declared that the organization will not keep a track of the holidays of the Virgin’s employees. You might feel it’s crazy and you might feel it’s only Virgin who can afford to take crazy actions like this. But you might be surprise to know that some of the leading global organizations are already offering this as a benefit to their employees. Some of these include Zynga, Evernote, Netflix and SurveyMonkey.


So is this something that will really work? I guess every organization will need to assess the pros and cons of this benefit in context of their business. Some will argue that this is not possible in a manufacturing setup where even a 5-minute break by an employee can stop the manufacturing line. Others will argue that it is possible in a scenario where you are not physically required to be in the office to deliver services. I work in one such industry – Consulting – where this benefit is the easiest to implement; I’m just waiting for my employer to read the opinion of this one employee.

I guess Richard Branson summarised it very well when he said that when the organizations cannot accurately track employees’ total time on the job, why should they apply a different and outmoded standard to their time away from it?

Kudos to the game-changers!