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Haider – Hats off to VB

Movie Review

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Wow! What a movie this was!

Haider is a movie set up in the background of a disturbed situation in Kashmir. The movie is a take on the Kashmir situation from various different perspectives and does send a subtle message that it is none but Kashmiris who are suffering in this continuous war between India and Pakistan. Set in this background, this movie is the story of Haider whose father has been ‘picked up’ by the Indian Army for helping militants in the valley.

Our protagonist Haider (Shahid Kapoor) is deeply attached to his father and sets off to search for him in the camps and prisons of Kashmir. In this search, he finds out that his uncle (Kay Kay Menon) is the police informer who had informed the army about his father, through her mother (Tabu). With its twists, turns and edges, Vishal Bhardawaj has handled the issue of terrorism, AFSPA and unrest in the valley with the due care and sensitivity in this amazing adaptation of ‘Hamlet’.


All of the main characters were impressive, but Shahid Kapoor stands out big time in the movie. He has made a very strong case for himself in this industry. Kay Kay and Tabu have performed their roles with honesty and sincerity and you can see that. Shraddha Kapoor’s role is ignorable. While she is trying to make her presence felt, her role is almost ignorable and redundant in the movie.

Overall, I’d say this is an amazing movie and a must watch for everyone who’s waited for good Hindi cinema.


P.S.: You might feel it’s a little stretched in the second half, but just be with the movie.