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Masala Chai, by Divya Prakash Dubey

Book Review:

My Rating: 6/10

masala-chai-400x400-imadtzyp8t8kgus2हिंदी कहानियों के चेतन भगत हैं दिव्य दुबे जी। इनकी कहानियाँ ज़िन्दगी के कुछ भूले हुए पहलुओं के इर्द गिर्द घूमती हैं और आपको कुछ हद तक उस समय में वापिस भी ले जाती हैं। लेकिन इनमें इतना फम नहीं है कि आपको वहीं पर छोड़ आएं। दिव्य ने कोशिश तो बहुत की है जीवन पर ज्ञान बांटने की, लेकिन नाकाम से हो गए। व्याकरण (Grammar) का प्रयोग थोड़ा बेहतर किया जा सकता है।
लेकिन मैं सराहना करता हूँ दिव्य की कि उसने हिंदी साहित्य को आज की युवा पीढ़ी तक पहुंचाया है और लोगों को उसकी रचनाएँ पसन्द आ रही हैं।


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Captain America: The First Avenger

Movie Review

My Rating: 8/10

I’ve got this new-found interest in the Marvel movies and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So while I’m waiting for the third movie in the Avenger series, why not catch up on how they got here. I’ve started with Captain America and I can say it was a good watch.

Now I know that Captain America’s original name is Steve Rogers and he was a little meagre thin guy before being the guinea pig of an experiment that transformed into a super human being with the special powers.  As with Marvel’s other superheroes, our Captain doesn’t get much time to try out his powers before getting his hands dirty with the bad guys. This time it was the neo-Nazi Schmidt who is hell-bound to destroy half the world to prove that he has got Godly powers. And we know how it all ends.


What I like about Marvel’s superheroes is that they have a logic to them, which might be unrealistic, but it’s sounds believable. I just loved the face-over used to create a younger Steve Rogers; it’s just a great technique. I’m going to watch the second one in the series, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on my next Jeddah flight. If you have better suggestions, please let me know.

Catch the trailer here:

Chirpy birds

On my way to the airport today morning, I heard the chirping of birds. Loud chirping it was and it made me smile. It brought back the memories of me playing in the gardens back in India where I would climb up the trees and pluck fruits. Occasionally we would see the dove’s eggs in a nest before being chased down by the Gardner.
Every morning, the birds would visit my balcony shouting out loud for food and water, which I never missed.
And then the driver called out. ‘Sir, your phone is ringing.’, he said.
As I picked up the phone, the chirping stopped and I was back to the reality of this city with no trees, no doves and no eggs.
I asked myself if I should change my ringtone and my heart said ‘NEVER’.
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