P.K.: Good message, O.K. storyline

Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5.0

So it’s that time of the year once again when Aamir Khan has released his new movie for the year 2014, and when millions of people are just waiting with eagerness and anxiousness. This (almost) 50-years old actor has (almost) gained perfection in acting and that’s what pulls crowds towards every movie of his. One might argue that he has been losing his ‘unique’ touch lately, but that doesn’t matter till he creates these record-breaking movies.

His latest release – P.K. – is a satirical take on many practices of our society that we take for granted and never care to understand the logic behind it. What’s worse, we keep following them as cardinal truth and don’t realise when we actually start going against the basic principles of our beliefs while trying to ‘protect’ them. Narrated from the perspective of an alien who finds earth a very amusing place to be in, this story covers many aspects of our life, especially religion. P.K. (Aamir Khan), the alien, asks some uncomfortable questions to us, the people of Earth, to which we don’t have any answers. Or reasons.


Now on the question of whether I liked the movie or not, my reviews are mixed. I admired the boldness of the idea, the direction of the movie and definitely, the acting of Aamir Khan. But I have two major issues with it. First, as all similar movies have done in the past, it uses Hinduism as its core example to criticise, which is getting very annoying. Oh My God did that a few years back and P.K. has done it again. Second, many characters and parts of the story were wasted. Boman Irani was completely wasted, and so were Parikshit Sahni and Sanjay Dutt – they could all have been easily replaced with any not-so-well-known actor. The second half seemed to be a little to stretched and intentionally dramatized.

Overall, while you watch the movie, try to focus on the message and ignore some of the peripheral things happening around (eg. songs like Tharki Chokro). If you do that, I’m sure you’ll like it.

P.S.: Pictures in this blog have been borrowed from internet with thanks to their owners.


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