When beer was not alcohol

Imagine someone walking into the office on an afternoon, with a couple of Stellas down his throat, and your boss telling you it’s perfectly fine. Yes, that’s what happened in Russia till 2013 when beer was classified as a foodstuff and its consumption not regulated as an alcohol. Isn’t that amazing that you can buy a can of beer at any hour, have it while travelling in the metro, drive with a bottle in hand and nobody will ask you a question? Ummm, I have my doubts.

When I was in London last year, the best thing that I liked was the culture of a beer after work at one of the many bars on the streets. And this is not unheard of in most parts of Europe, where organizations offer wines and whiskeys to the employees who stay late after office hours (Source: Some office banter).


So, was Kremlin’s decision to regulate the beer production and stop advertisements of beer under the alcohol regulation, justified? Some sources say that the population of Russia was on a decline and one of the reasons was half a million deaths every year due to alcohol consumption. But how much of a culprit is poor beer in the country known for its appetite for much stronger drinks (read. Vodka). I guess we will have to find that out over next few years.

But one thing is for sure that if you are visiting Russia after a couple of years, you will notice the difference, especially while looking for a can of beer at a grocery store.


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