International Yoga Day – solution to all world problems

India’s new Prime Minister – Narendra Modi – delivered a much-awaited speech to the United Nations General Assembly that was received very well by a packed house. Now those who know me, will know that I’m not the greatest of Modi fans, but I’ve been in that phase of transformation into one. Alas, the speech that he delivered today at UNGA was a major let-down on expectations. I know I will be making some friends angry over this, but I looked for something revolutionary, innovative, powerful or at least different. I was utterly disappointed.

What I did instead get to hear was the old repeated record of how the world should be coming together, how world is under terrorist attacks, how world is changing very fast, etc. And then came the killer, the most amazing (read embarrassing) argument that I heard from Mr Modi today asking the world to come together to celebrate an Antar-rashtriya Yog Diwas (International Yoga Day). It seems like his 30 minutes speech was actually a build-up to this proposal of yoga as the single solution to all world problems.

I am still in a state of surprise that this master  speaker of India was not able to deliver some powerful message on this global stage. And I’m sure I’ve missed something that has been noticed by others who are all praises about this speech. Please guide me on what I am missing.


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