Mausam – A story beyond KLPD

Movie Review

Rating: 1.5/5.0

After a really long time, I’ve been forced by a movie to vent out my views about it. Mausam, a movie that I’d been waiting for so long, was released last weekend and claimed to have already made worldwide collections of Rs 41 crores. Pankaj Kapoor’s directorial debut had set my hopes high and expectations tall. And with that Top Gun look, Shahid had left no stone unturned to make his father proud. But I must say that both of them couldn’t put in a collective effort to save the movie from being an intolerable script with no logic. If you are really short of time and want to make a quick decision, I’d say ‘Do not watch it. It’s not worth it.’

The movie begins with Harry (Shahid Kapoor) mentioning about Operation Bluestar. And subsequently, Kashmir happened which uprooted the heroine Aayat (Sonam Kapoor) and brought her to Harry’s village – Mallukot. A few days later, Ayodhya happened and God knows why Aayat’s family decided to move to Mumbai where the bomb blasts took place. After seeing no option left for them in India, they decide to go away to Scotland. It was here that Harry and Aayat met each other after a long span of 7 years. At this point, Harry had already turned into a Squadron Leader in Indian Air Force and a real handsome hunk with no hint of his lost village personality. But as the luck had it, Kargil war began, forcing Harry to come back and fight for his country. Just when we thought that this will be the end of it, the writer had something else in his mind to give us some of the worst shocks of the day. All this while when Harry and Aayat were looking for each other across the world, somehow those crazy planes went and crashed into Twin Towers, creating further trouble for Aayat’s family. At this point, we got pretty sure that this movie will show us all the tragedies of the world that have happened till now and the story will end in front of Delhi High Court with Harry helping out the wounded people. But to our surprise, the story ended just at the Godhra riots of 2002 where Harry saved three lives from the mad crowds – Aayat, a baby girl and a stallion. And the movie ends with a cliché dialogue, ‘Kuchh tumne khoya hai, kuchh maine khoya hai aur kuchh isne khoya hai. Chalo hum milke ek nayi zindagi shuru karein.’ Or something as rubbish as that.

With all respect to the acting skills of Pankaj Kapoor, I must say that he has to learn a lot before getting full time into direction. As is said that a camera is just as good as its photographer and a movie is just as good as its director. I know the line sucks, but the meaning doesn’t.

Looking forward to watch Force and Rockstar. RA-One will surely surpass all the previous SRK records, but the movie will definitely not be even half as good as it’s been hyped. Movies like Rascals, Aazan, Damadamm and Mujhse Fraandship Karoge will not even be noticed at the box office. But I have some hope from Tere Mere Phere, another satire starring Vinay Pathak.



3 thoughts on “Mausam – A story beyond KLPD”

  1. First of all, I admire the effort anybody puts in to write out their views. And I did watch Mausam, yesterday. And I liked it a lot.
    I felt that it was drawn out a bit too much and the times they couldn’t even get in contact with each other were a lot..while the fire of love burned eternally.
    Other than that, I loved the movie. I loved watching my punjab from the older era. I loved the music, esp the Rabba main to mar gaya and the Hans Raj Hans song. I loved the way the movie handled the worse of pains in love – not to know. Shahid did look handsome and the locales were really beautiful. I liked almost eveything.
    I would not say its a great movie, but it was an entertaining watch.
    It was a very sensitive script and I will want to congratulate Pankaj Kapoor on making it.

    1. Interesting views. Looks like you’ve tried to find reasons to like the movie unlike me. But ya, I also liked that initial part of the movie where it was nothing but Punjab and the great vehlas of Punjabi villages doing nothing but roaming around in the fields chewing fresh sugarcanes. I love the music of the movie, each song of it without exception. But then apart from that, there wasn’t a single binding factor in the movie that could keep me in the movie. Anyways, let’s see what other people have to say about it.

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