My Ishqiya Experience

Watching movies here in Singapore is not as easy and as cheap as it is in India. Only a handful of cinemas show Hindi movies and the ones that do, also show only selected movies. So, you aren’t left with many options, but to spend S$4 (per person) on cab to reach the theatre, get a ticket for $11, get pop corn combo for $7.5, watch the movie, appreciate it (no matter how pathetic it is, after all you saw it) and then hire a cab back to hostel by spending another $4. So, in total, watching a movie can make a hole of atleast $27 in your pocket, albeit that’s small by Singapore standards.

This time, we thought our luck has been good with us and we went to watch “Ishqiya”. Without quoting the name of the theatre, its roof reminded me of the Swaran Palace in my small town of Faridkot. But I ignored it and decided to concentrate on the movie. Everyone had praised the movie a lot – Times of India, Hindustan Times and what not – had rated it highly, so it must be good. It all began in front of my eyes when the reel started rolling. My excitement knew no bounds to see Vidya Balan in the seducing posture that only a few girls could afford to give. But then, it all started to fizz out. I like Naseer sahib’s acting and I respect him as a performer, but I can’t say the same about his choice of movies, especially after he chose to do this movie. Though the kiss scene of Vidya Balan and Arshad Warsi gave me something to watch and appease myself, I can’t remember a single other scene from the movie when I felt good about spending so much of my education loan money.

Nevertheless, I’d recommend that you go and watch it atleast once and experience what an overhyped movie looks like. 😉



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