Jagjit Singh- The Legend

Inteha aaj ishq ki kar di, aapke naam zindagi kar di… (Inteha, Jagjit Singh)

Jagjit Singh sahib has always been a different class for me altogether. He has been immensely successful in his long career and his new album Inteha has made me mad.

I wondered if his career can also be judged on our famous Porter’s Five Forces Model. Let’s see if we can. Jagjit Singh is an institution in himself. Though I’ll be a bit biased in analysis Jagjit Singh, but I guess it’s ok, especially when I know that most of the readers will also be as good the fans of Jagjit Singh as I am.

Threat of Substitutes: My personal opinion is that nothing can even come close to being a substitute for ghazals. The ragas and sur-taals used in ghazals have long been forgotten by other forms of music. So, the satisfaction and peace of mind which a Jagjit Singh ghazal can give, cannot be compared to any other form of music. Deadly life schedules, assignment deadlines being met at 3 in the morning, ARP completion at 11:59 to submit at 12:00 are some of the situations in our lives that have made the demand of his ghazals rise even further up.

Threat of New Entrants: Hmmm, interesting thing to think about. Frankly speaking, I don’t find many singers coming even close to Jagjit Singh sahib in matching his singing prowess. But yes, the emergence of culturally sensitive singers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Roop Kumar Rathore might make some fans shift loyalties, but still the aura is so much that Jagjit sahib won’t have a major threat. On the top of it, Jagjit Singh has become a synonym for ghazals in India and this monopolistic situation is difficult to change.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Suppliers??! Huh! Who are they? For almost all his ghazals, he himself is the Music Director. As far as the lyrics are concerned, there will be hardly a lyricist coming to Mumbai will not have a dream to write for Jagjit Singh. So, the suppliers are also in excess, you know! No issues of bargaining power of suppliers, then.

Bargaining Power of Customers: Customers? With record-breaking sales of his albums still on charts, the fans wait for the new albums. ‘Kaghaz ki kashti’, ‘shaam se aankh mein nami si hai’ and ‘Tumko dekha to ye khayal aaya’ are still as young in the hearts of listeners as they were 15 years from now. Customers want more songs from him and they don’t bargain for that. Do you?

Rivalry among existing players: There are only a few players left in the market who sing as good ghazals as Jagjit Singh. Mehndi Hassan and Talat Mehmood have long backed out from the industry and Pankaj Udhas has lost his fan-following. Roop Kumar Rathore never was a contender for the top position in Ghazal gayeki. So the only possible rivalry might exist is between Ghulam Ali sahib and Jagjit Singh sahib and here, I don’t think there actually is some rivalry. Both are the epitomes of singing and the fans respect them equally well.

The only real threat that I perceive is that both of them are ageing and we really need someone who can carry forward the tradition of ghazal singing to our next generations.

Aapke dil ne hamein aawaz di, hum aa gaye… (Inteha, Jagjit Singh)



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